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Krzysiak’s Kluski Noodles

Krzysiak’s Famous Kluski Noodles make all your homemade soups and casseroles the BEST!

Krzysiak’s Famous Frozen Kluski Noodles taste like homemade noodles (or dumplings) because that is what they are. Our Kluski noodles are made with the highest quality Semolina & Durham wheat flours and fresh pasteurized eggs.
Our noodles are processed using a European machine-process that “laminates” the dough. This laminating process replicates the same loving process that Grandma-Busia performed by repeatedly rolling and folding the dough. The resulting noodle tastes much better than dried pasta products and holds up better than competing frozen noodles. When Krzysiak’s Kluski noodles are used in soups they stand up to the rigors of continuous heat and repeated stirring inherent to commercial kitchen and buffet service.

Krzysiak’s Original Kluski Noodles
•    Available in 1 lbs package (12 pkg – 12 lbs/case) •
•    Available in 3 lbs package (8 pkg – 24 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Fine Kluski Noodles
•    Available in 1 lbs package (12 pkg – 12 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Homemade Dumplings
•    Available in 1 lbs package (12 pkg – 12 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Famous Homemade Polish Pierogi’s

Krzysiak’s Authentic Homemade Polish Pierogi’s are made with the finest Flours and filling ingredients. Our Pierogi’s can served as an appetizer, potato, or wholesome dinner. Krzysiak’s Pierogi’s are an excellent side item for school lunch menus.

Krzysiak’s Authentic Homemade Pierogi’s
•   Available in 1 lbs package (12 pkg – 12 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Homemade Fresh & Smoked Polish Sausages are made with the finest fresh ingredients. Our Polish sausages are processed, “Old World Rope Style with Natural Casings”. Krzysiak’s choose high quality cuts of meat and fresh spices in the preparation of Krzysiak’s Polish Sausages, delivering a product that tastes great and results in a high customer return rate.
The wholesale market potential for Krzysiak’s Polish Sausage is great. Currently Krzysiak’s wholesale products are available to select retail and institutional customers in only a few mid-western states. There are many Polish communities in the United States where Krzysiak’s products are not distributed. And, just like “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”, “everyone is polish” when Krzysiak’s Polish sausage with horseradish is served”.

Krzysiak’s Smoked Polish Sausage
•    Available in 1 lbs package (16 pkg – 16 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Fresh Polish Sausage
•    Available in 5 lbs package (2 pkg – l0 lbs/case)

Krzysiak’s Hickory Sausage Chub

Krzysiak’s Hickory Sausage Chubs are an Old World Style Hickory Smoked Sausage. Krzysiak’s Hickory chubs are fully cooked and ready to serve. Krzysiak’s Hickory chubs are made with the finest ingredients and fresh spices. Krzysiak’s Chubs can be served as an Appetizer, Snack Item, or Party Tray. This is a “must have” item for Deli’s, Restaurants, Bars, and Sandwich Shops. Krzysiak’s Hickory Chubs help make a great Meat, Cheese, and Cracker Tray for all Holiday, Party, and Catered Events.

Krzysiak’s Hickory Sausage Chubs

•    Available in 1.5 lbs* package (16 pkg – 24 lbs/case) *approximate weight

Manufactured in USDA & State inspected facility